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Statistical Analysis Amateur Venues
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Jai-Alai Publications  

Welcome to Jai-Alai Heaven, providing supporting info to the Chalk Talk discussion forum.
We have information typically not available elsewhere, including:
- Historical statistics, with an emphasis on gambling aspects
- Statistical analysis of a variety of jai-alai situations
- Programs, rosters and photos
- Legislation and news related to pari-mutuel operations and competitive gambling

Statistical Analysis
Miscellaneous analyses, analytical and simulated, tabular and graphic. Archived Articles
Magazine and newspaper articles, various sources. Tournament Results (Historical)
As many as I can accumulate - SEND ME MORE !!! Jai-Alai Publications
Contributed by various authors Amateur Venues
When you can't get the real thing - SEND ME MORE PIX, please! Miscellaneous
Bits of this and that, and pieces of string too short to save Marketplace
Items for sale by Chalk Talk members

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