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1987-1988 newport west palm beach roster

Posted on August 24, 2006 at 08:07:09 AM by augie

fermin came to the usa from spain to win anything. short but agile, fermin could put a lot of velocity to the ball. great serve, one of the best serves in the roster, fermin play well in wpb. his record in wpb, 64 wins, 439 in the money and 127 win perct. a good player that play to the maximum each night. in newport he had a slow star but i know he was going to be one of the best front player if they didn´t go on strike. i give him an A.

ibar another favorite player for many fans. he and mayo won all tournaments in spain playing in the amateur league. elordi fired ibar because ibar spent most of 1986 season out due to an injury. he had a superb placement in the court, great comunication with the frouncourt player and he was an excellent catcher. in wpb, he put good numbers. 64 wins, 365 in the money and 128 win prct. in newport,he was the best backcourt player. only gayo could go head to head against him in singles. i give him an A.

arregi was only 17 when he came to newport from spain. he only played 68 games. not many people liked him.

laga did not come back after the strike. i disagree with ja fan. laga did not have a lot of power. he was a very good catcher. he put great numbers in wpb. 52 wins, 403 in the money and 165 win perct. in newport he had a good star. ja fan is correct, laga used to throw the ball and them look at the crowd. another player that left the strike and never came back. he gets a B.

zola. what a great player he was. unkown for many fans. for the oposition player it was dificult to score a point against him. he covered the entire court. in west palm beach, only areitio was better than him in doubles and in singles zola was the top player there. in newport he was the best. nobody could stop him. gayo was a top dog but zola was untochable,his numbers in wpb.77 wins second overall behind areitio. in newport before the players went on strike. 38 wins and 211 in win perct. a great player in my book. what would it happened if he came back to newport after the strike? we will never know.an A for him

ruiz or arrieta was a consistent player before the strike but he disapared after the strike. he lost what he had before. he was a big dissapointment for many fans. he always played hard. 63wins 370 in the money and 136 win perct in wpb. he gets a C.

asier was fast, smart and never was affraid to try different shots. only 16 years old and he was the last player to hired by pedro elordi. someone else did not want to play in wpb and asier was hired. he ha a superb season in wpb. 68wins 447 in the money and 153 win perct. very inpresive numbers for a 16 year old kid. he had a slow star in newport


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