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Posted on August 25, 2006 at 07:50:38 AM by augie

if you don't remember who urbi was then you are not a newport fan. urbi, did not only drive fermin crazy, he drove zabal, and especially paul nuts. his costado was the best amongst the best players in the world.

laza was a strange looking backcourter. he looked like he was lost on the court but just few players could catch more than him. laza´s forehand was useless. he barely could serve, but his backhand rebote was very efective and deadly weapon. sometimes, he drove his partner crazy because he used to let the ball past over his head and then return the ball in the rebote. in wpb he did not perform well, in fact, he was one of the worst in the late games. 19wins 320 in the money and 105 win perct. before the players went on strike,laza was performing poorly. he gets a C

zubia was a hard working frontcourter. always played hard. he was hated in newport because he was a tough guy on the picket lines during the strike. he had a superb season in 1992 and he asked the fronton´s owner for more money. he did not get a rise and he left to spain. zubia never came back to the usa.

i am surprise that ja fan did not mention eleiz. a short front man that catched almost anything and threw two walls better than anybody i know. perfect serve, not hard but he rarely over or under serve. great season in 1991 and second overall in 1992. he wanted to stay in newport but the management did not want to increase his salary. in 1993 he went to milford. in wpb his numbers were great. 3 overall behind areitio and zola. 72 wins 151 win perct and 423 in the money. in newport he had a very slow star. eleiz gets an A.

another player that i enjoyed watching was bruce. how can nobody talks about bruce. unbelieveble flexibility, great costado, beautiful backhand. his weakness was his bad temper. when he was angry, he wasn´t in the game. the other players knew that. i give bruce an A.

what about the other american that had a few superb seasons. i am talking about massa. massa did not posses power but his costado was a great weapon and he really knew how to use that costado. he also had an excellent backhand rebote and massa was a good catcher. his numbers in wpb were terrific. 4 overall in wins behind areitio, zola and eleiz. 66wins 440 in the money and 143 win perct. back in newport, again he was playing great.23 wins 151win perc and 424 in the money. massa was fired i think in the late 90´s. he was fired because he was newport´s union president and always defended the players. ramon hated him.

sali was a fast player but not good enought to be a part of a professional roster in the usa. no power, no rebote. he was not a bad catcher. horrible numbers in wpb. last in wins with aran. in newport he started playing well. i did not expect to see sali playing that good. he was fired in the early 90´s.

agirre a strong backcourter. he threw the ball very hard. not a bad catcher either. agirre played badly in wpb and back in neport he did worst the wpb. he return from the strike but he too was fired. i give him a C.

erdoza was a classic veteran that only plays hard when he wants to play hard. many fans critized him for being lazy. no power at all. his grandfather was rolling in his grave. big dissapointment. he gets an F.

anga or aitor. most wins champ in 1993, singles champ in 1995, he holds the most wins record in one non strike season in newport jai alai history. he was powerful as a bull but he dissapointed me. i was expecting more from him. after playing great jai alai for numerous years, he became an average late game player. big dissapointment. he always played hard. fans appreciated his dedication. he gets a B. i remember once when aitor threw a devastating cortada and hit fitz in his leg. fitz left the court yelling shit, shit i got hit why him, why not someone else. fitz´s leg required several stiches.


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