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Posted on August 25, 2006 at 05:11:50 PM by JA FAN


Great post, I think we could go on and on about that roster which is fine with me. The amazing thing is that I have to actually think about what I had for supper yesterday but I can remember Jai Alai from almost 20 years ago?

I didn`t forget little Eliez-he was my mom`s favorite player from that roster!

My parents were the ones that introduced me to the sport back in 1980. I only went twice that year and I still own the programs. The following year I went maybe 5 or 6 times but by 1982 I became a regular going Friday night, both performances on Saturday and even Monday afternoons which was senior citizen day. To me it was like going to a ballgame and yes I wagered on some games but I didn`t have to wager to enjoy it. Jai Alai is such a great sport and to watch these fine athletes throw that rock 100 miles an hour at each other was just incredible!

Like I said I could go on and on about this sport.

Augie it`s funny you mentioned Sali and Aran, they were probably my 2 least favorite players and your assessment of the 2 were dead on. I didn`t care for Erdoza either nor did I think much of him when I traveled to Bridgeport and he was on that roster full of great players. I realize that not every player is going to be good and you will have some weaker players and those players were weak. Some other players that I didn`t care for were Guisa who was an early game frontcourter and Randolph who was probably the most stiffest player I`ve ever seen. then there was Johnny and Marti who had a brother that played in Newport before him. I can`t remember but maybe it was Maza? These players all had terrible numbers that I`m sure Augie would give f`s to.

Laza had a great backhand and your right Augie, he had no forehand what so ever. I liked him in singles where that backhand lazer was a killer and you knew he would never overserve it and just prayed that he don`t underserve it and how many times would you see someone drop that pus serve. It was so embarrasing to his opponent when they did.

Getting back to Eliez, he was a really good player who always played hard on every point and of course I enjoy players like that. The one thing that use to aggravate me about him was when he played singles against Gayo! How many times can you get toasted on Gayo`s picada? He always tried to get position against him and Gayo who was the master of that shot would always get him and Fermin on it.

It was strange to see Gayo in the backcourt at first because I was use to him playing frontcourt at Milford as Alberdi or as the fans would yell big bird but I guess they needed players in the back. He was okay at times back there.

Hey Augie, remember Azpi? He would clean up in the early games but didn`t do much in late games. Azpi was a player i really liked maybe it was because I hit my biggest tri with him and Urki. They ran it out from the 6 hole and I played a tri key 6 over the 12345 and it came out 6-5-4 and payed 1404. I got half of that. I know I still have the program somewhere I`ll have to look for it. Azpi had a nice career but I thought he would have been better. After he retired I use to see him from time to time at the fronton with some other former players like Ubilla and Asier and Goixarri.

Well that`s all for now I`m leaving for a weekend vacation so I`ll check back Monday and hopefully Augie or someone else will enlighten us with some more Newport stories!!!!!!!!!!


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