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Re(2): 1987-1988 newport west palm roster part 3

Posted on August 29, 2006 at 06:45:39 AM by augie

busti had a place in game nine. the winner of that game was jon. the pant business got worse when busti ripped his pants when he tried to return a low rebote. that happened in the last game of the night. in the second round busti came back to the cancha with a white tape wraped in his rear end. that tape came off when he threw a backhand shot. i want to comment about busti's catching style. the players are told to place the basket in front of their eyes, never behind their head or body. well busti did the contrary. but in general he was an excellent catcher.

i remember jon. a strong backcourter with a bright future ahead. jon went home in the middle of the strike. he had family problems and he lost more than 20 pounds.

angel's nick name was snake. yes he spent many days out scrathed in his last days as pro. but angel did not scratch during his good years in the 70's. he used to hold an american flag on the picket line. he loved america.

iruta, and felix were going to have couple of drinks in newport. barenda was fallowing them in another car. it was pich dark and it was raining. iruta and felix stopped in a traffic light. the driver iruta, thinking that barenda was behind them, put his car on reverse and hit the other car several times. they were farting around thinking that barenda would do the same thing, but no it wasn't barenda behind them, it was a lamborgini droven by a millonare,ha,ha,ha,ha. newport police came to the scnene but nothing happened because the old man, the owner of the lamborgini, knew the players.


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