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Re(1): 1987-1988 newport west palm beach roster

Posted on August 24, 2006 at 05:32:54 PM by JA FAN

I`m glad to see someone else sharing their memories of that roster. I asked Luis last week about Zola because he was an awesome player to watch and it was too bad he never came back after the strike because he had all the tools to be a big star!

Ibar was awesome as well and I was glad management gave him another chance at a Jai Alai career and it payed off because he played quite a few years and was a big star at Newport before moving on to Milford.

Fermin was another player they brought back in 87-88 that had played a few years earlier and Augie I agree that he had such a powerful serve who always played hard or should I say balls to the wall. He was just plain crazy out on the cancha.

Here`s a funny story about Fermin, when they came back from the strike management brought in Urbi to play for a month or so before sending him to Pbeach. Now I`m sure you remember what Urbi was known for? Yes indeed it was catching that serve and putting you away in so many different ways. Urbi was one of my all time favorite players who wasn`t a superstar but just a solid player. If your team was serving for game point to Urbi then you might as well throw your ticket away because he would steal that serve and you were done. He wasn`t much of a singles player that was his weakness, but back to the Fermin story. This one night Urbi kept taking serve after serve on Fermin and if you knew Fermin it was so funny. He must have taken at least 3 or 4 serves from him and every time Fermin would throw it harder and harder. So after this abuse all night Fermin had another chance at Urbi and I swear you could see the steam coming from under Fermin helmet and he was determined to rocket a serve by him so just as he reared back to let it go that sneaky little bastard Urbi moved back to the over serve line jumped up and caught the overserve and threw a winner off it as if he knew fermin was going to over throw it. Fermin got so pissed he literally smashed his cesta to pieces against the wall.

Talk about a classic moment that was priceless to watch. Man do I miss Jai alai at Newport.

That`s all I have for now!!!!


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