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Re(1): 1987-1988 newport west palm roster part 3

Posted on August 28, 2006 at 04:34:32 PM by JA FAN


That Busti story was funny but you didn`t tell us if he won any of those games. That must have been a riot to witness.

I remember Angel very well, he was a solid player back in the day and I was glad when he turned up on this roster although injuries kept him off the cancha most of the time.

Do you remember a player named Barenda from the old roster?

I was there when he made his debut I believe on a Monday matinee and his 1st game was with Angel. When you said he use to talk alot on the court it made me think of this. Angel called Barenda off on every shot. He would yell mine on every return running around the court like a maniac and wouldn`t you know it that the one shot he let him take, Barenda drops it! You should have heard the fans boo.

Barenda actually turned out to be a pretty decent early game player I thought and stayed on the roster for quite a few years. I last saw him on the final Hartford roster with Jayo.

Hey Augie what did you think about Jon who played backcourt in the late games?


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