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1987-1988 newport west palm roster part 3

Posted on August 28, 2006 at 07:53:10 AM by augie

i think you are too harsh with fermin and eleiz. they both were short players 5'4 and 5'5 i think gayo had a field day with them killing them with his deadly picadas. gayo had huge problem, he was too slow. gayo could not return the rebote and he could not run. i think he could have been playing jai alai until his 40's if he took care of his body. i give the old gayo a c.

aran, sali, randolph, jonhy were the weekest players on that roster. jonnhy was a good catcher but he did not have power.

you mentioned ubilla. he played under azabal in 1988 and later, after the strike he changed his name to ubilla. you know that ubilla had a brother that won the world championship with bolibar. ubilla started playing well in newport, he could put a lot of heat from his right forehand and his backhand was not week either. decent rebote, and excellent two walls shot. ubilla put good numbers before the strike. 400 in the money and 150 win perct. in 1993 he had a great season and from them he went down like a kamikaze airplane. his last seson in nerport was horrendous. in one point, almost in the last part of the season he was 0.40 in win perct. hard to believe. from being a late game player to finish in the last place. i can not explain what happened to him. some players said that he had eye vision problem. the only thing i know is that he could not catch two balls and he could not hit the front wall. he was fired in that season. i give him a B. always gave everything.

do you remember angel? he played with the best in spain and in newport he was a top player for a few seasons. he used to talk a lot on the court and sometimes he talk trashed to the fans. he played well in wpb but he could not defeat the new blood like zola, areitio, fermin. he was an easy prey.

i did not mention guisa. he played in milan italy before he came to florida. a lot of power but he could not catch. he did a poor job in wpw 110 win perct and 329 in the money. when he returned from the strike he played more year and after that he became a judge in newport. he did a good job as a judge in newport. he gets an F and he gets a B as a judge.

marti was a hard working early game player. excellent catcher. decent backhand but his forehand was week. his brother played under maza in ct, and i believe maza also played in wpb or newport. marti never came back from the strike.

i wanted to share a funny thing that happened to busti in wpb. maybe you were there. busti that was known for his forgefullnes, did not bring his white pants. elordi tried to find a pair of white pants for him but noone had pants for a tall guy like him, he was 6'6. everybody was thinking that busti would be fined and send home, but no, elordi told busti, put those blue jeans on and get your ass out there to play. yes, ladies and gentlemen, busti played 5 games with blue jeans. never seen before and you will never see it again.


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