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#31 - How about a Pick-4, then?

Posted on March 15, 2004 at 12:12:17 PM by Tiger

How about this, as a compromise between the Pick-3 (not enough payout) and the much longer things like tri-super or Pick-6? No positional (i.e., rotation) issues. True, some bias toward the lower posts, but we all know about that. There would be regular payouts, occasionally large. Kind of an interesting idea, I think, with both lottery and handicapping aspects. I'd suggest a $1 bet.

True odds are 1 chance in 4096, but that includes high- and low-probability outcomes. 1-1-1-1 might be 1 in 2,000, while 7-7-7-7 might be 1 in 15,000. Of course it will be affected by who's in those slots.

In any case, it wouldn't have to be capped, since it would get hit on a regular basis. If there was $1,000 bet each night, it could pay several thousand dollars at least once a week, depending on whether the jackpot was primed each time it was won. Occasionaly, it would be more, up to, say, $10,000 to $15,000, but it should NOT be capped. You'd probably need a forceout on the last day of the season, but we can work out the details later. No cap = no syndicates = much nicer.

They might have a $500 minimum, adding to the jackpot after exceeding that amount through regular accumulations (1 or 2 days).


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