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Jai-alai Injuries

Posted on August 6, 2013 at 10:44:31 PM by mink

It was a Friday night in Palm Beach Jai-alai over 3000 people in the crowd. I was in the back court. That is when it happen,
you know when that front court player thinks he knows best and comes running in front of you only to
tip the ball.

Well this time he tip it right into my nose. It felt like my nose came off my face, I had to check, thank
god it was still there, but the blood was gushing down my face. I heard they stopped the game to mop
up the court. It turned out to be a broken nose. At the hospital they said I would need a operation to put it back in place.

What was your worst injuries, the Jai-alai ball can do some damage.


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