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#434 - What do you think of Exacta consolation logic?

Posted on March 26, 2012 at 02:54:22 PM by Tiger

Here's a brain teaser for you. Consider the following game:


GAME 4 -----------------------------------   
6 Gorrono                   18.40 10.00  4.40
8 Israel                           5.40  3.80
5 Anndy                                  6.20
QUINIELA 6-8 51.40                           
EXACTA   6-ALL 7.40                            
TRIFECTA 6-8-5 854.60                        
EXACTACONS ALL-8 7.80                        
SFC 6-8-5-3 1641.00

Note that they paid both 6-All and All-8 Exacta consolations.

Now, this IS according to the Statute (61D-7.011) but, with the Exacta being an exact-order bet, I really don't think they should pay an All-8 when someone has picked the winning half, i.e., they should pay only the 6-All. Not saying Dania was at fault, only that I don't like the rule.

Should not the Exacta and Trifecta, both being exact-order bets, have similar logic for determining consolations? Using the Exacta logic, if a 6-8-5 Trifecta needed a consolation, you should also consider paying an All-8-5 and a 6-All-5, in addition to the standard 6-8-All. Yet, the Trifecta consolation logic (61D-7.012) allows only a 6-8-All or, in the extreme case, a 6-All-All to be considered.

Superfecta, too, for that matter. What do you think?


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