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#45 - Would free admission matter?

Posted on June 21, 2004 at 05:49:42 AM by Tiger

And programs?

Back in the good old days, admission and programs meant some real money for the frontons. A crowd of 5,000 might add $15,000 in admissions and programs. Over a year, that can mean some real money. It seems the cost of program and admission didn't deter the fans.

Yet, look at Newport. Free parking, free program .... and 100 patrons. I guess if they'd been charging for those they would have filled the place

Seriously, look at Miami and Dania. With 500 fans per performance, they must make $1,500 on programs and admission. Now, I'd like $1,500 a day myself, but their real revenue comes from the handle.

So, what about dropping the admission? Would they just lose the money, or would they bring in a bunch of new bodies to make some noise and get turned on to the game?


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