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#5 - The dreaded NOTIX - do you notice?

Posted on September 14, 2003 at 11:09:35 PM by Tiger

In the Show pool, even! Game 14 on Saturday night at Miami had 'em in Place AND Show.

Here's what goes through my mind:

Of the two, the first issue is most ominous. As these things occur more frequently in the results, it produces that sinking feeling that attendance is dropping off. I remember watching it get worse and worse at Milford. Quite a few at Ocala, and Newport was ridiculous.

You might get clues from the published attendance and handle (if available), but that's getting harder to figure as the amount of off-fronton wagering increases. I doubt that the off-fronton bettors get into the Place and Show pools much.

Do you notice NOTIX in the results, and how does it grab you?


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