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When can a pelota reach it's top speed? A,B,C,or D

Posted on August 16, 2011 at 04:07:45 PM by jai bounce

When CAN a pelota reach it's top speed?

A.) Leaving the cesta from a left/reverse shot

B.) When it comes off the granite front wall (using a new fast pelota,and close to the wall)

C.) Leaving the cesta from a right/forehand serve or shot

D.) Rebote return left or right side

* on the flight from Spain (sorry not an answer)

* chasing the goat (sorry not an answer)

Somethings to think about,

* Don't you think a golf ball would pick up speed coming off the front wall, I Do. (don't try this anywhere)

* Doesn't the ball appear to pick up speed on an average thrown carom as soon as it hits the front wall.

* Who really knows when the radar gun detects the ball speed.(was it ever checked off court?)


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