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Players taking the money

Posted on August 9, 2012 at 09:38:00 AM by George Z

With the prize money players have for win-place-show-quad it is just part of the game for some players not to try there hardest to beat a team with possible against them that would take money from there own pocket if they have place locked up or guarantee in the money.

I was at Dania closing night and had a team singled in the pik 3 paying the pool and they got 2 straight points then the 4 and 5 got a point and the 6 ran to gamepoint against the team i needed and the back dropped the serve in middle of court, i called it to fellow posters on here that i was done before the point started and he could have just missed the serve but it looked like classic taking the place money to me.

Question for ex pro's and fans is have you ever took the money or is there a player famous for taking the money more then others ? i would be shocked if someone says they never took the money in there career especially when you stop a team with 6, 7 or 8 points and you know have only 3 or 4 with great players behind you when you had a ITM locked up.

I beleive that greats like Lopez, Goiko, Diego, Erik and others in there league dont'need to with all the ITM finished they get but for the lesser players it is more obvious.


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