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List some promotions, and any other things that will increase Jai Alai attendance, please help.

Posted on April 21, 2011 at 10:14:45 PM by jai bounce

1. Gas card giveaways
2. Try changing the name to Pelota for a season (State will allow, because it's in the definitions for permitholders.)
3. Lopez vs Robot Pitching Machine Challenge for fastest ball speed.
4. Free entry, program, and drink with any casino token.
5. Free $10.00 wagering voucher if you are wearing any NFL jersey.
6. Hit the wall contest.
7. Money blowing machine.
8. Free entry, and program with any losing lotto ticket.
9. Greyhound adoptions every weekend.
10. Charity games for retired Jai Alai player's (State allows upto 7 a year. I hope never a need for one).
11. Pro-Am tournaments on off days $5.00 admittance. (no wagering of course).
12. The Pick Six returns.


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