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Re(2): List some promotions, and any other things that will increase Jai Alai attendance, please help.

Posted on April 22, 2011 at 08:03:29 PM by alecs1974

1. Clean Bathrooms and extra toilet paper.
2. Former Pro Appearances like Tim, Rufino, Franco and Chaching II
3. El Chapulin Colorado Night
4. Jersey Giveaways
5. Souvenir Program or Yearbook with past photos
6. Live bands between games. Ricky Ricardo was great at Miami in the 1930's
7. Dunk the Clown night with Ocala Management as the clown on the bench.
8. Install a night club with various music on certain nights.
9. Install a 'brand name' restaurant in the fronton like Olive Garden, Fridays, Ale House.
10. Salsa Classes or Karate Classes.


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