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Re(3): List some promotions, and any other things that will increase Jai Alai attendance, please help.

Posted on April 22, 2011 at 11:57:57 PM by Doug373

unfortunately nothing can save the game. Requiring Hamilton to build a court to open a poker room is silly.

If the gambling public prefers poker and casinos over Jai alai/ dogs/ horses then give them what they want.

Jai alai has died. Disco was big in the 70's, 80's too, don't save that.

If the public can no longer support pelota, then an honorable funeral is in order.

The game is too great too exist as 6 man singles games to 5 points with Q scoring and no money bet on it. Kill the game entirely before you bastardize it any more than that, if that is even possible.

Do they have jai alai betting in Spain ? If so why do players come to Florida ?


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