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Handicapping opinions

Posted on September 20, 2003 at 11:42:57 AM by Bluto

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Over the years I have tried a variety of bets and betting strategys, I'm curious to hear the opinions of the posters on which pool or pools provide the best value and bets, particularly as it relates to Dania and Miami Jai Alai. Personally, I've been betting trifectas for a while, but I think I'm done with that, there seems to be very little value in the Trifecta pool, particularly at Miami Jai Alai. From what I've observed recently, there seems to be a glut of handicapper players betting Miami these days, and there often seems to be very little value in any pool, very short prices everywhere unless you happen to be on top of an upset kind of pick. Looking for opinions here, any advice for a trifecta player looking to make a change?


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