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#80 - How 'dead' are the dead frontons?

Posted on February 23, 2005 at 07:51:39 AM by Tiger

This is a reissue of Question #2, which was lost in a server crash 18 months ago. The recent Hartford demolition work makes this a valid topic again.

We know that Tampa Jai-Alai was razed for a Home Depot (though Florida Gaming still owns the Hillsborough County permit). This makes me wonder about other now-defunct facilities that might be "rescued" in the event of an interest surge, Larry winning the lottery, or slots approval. A lot of folks seem to think we can just get some new pelotas, kill the weeds in the parking lot, and we're back in business. In fact, there would be much more involved, e.g., would the old buildings be "out of code", etc.? So, then.......

Can the Milford fronton be put back into repair?
How long until Newport gets renovated to death?
Has Palm Beach been altered too much?
What about Melbourne, Daytona Beach, Big Bend?
Any remnants in Las Vegas?

I want to hear from folks who know the FACTS.
Permit status, physical plant condition - the works!
No guessing or presumptions, please.


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