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#43 - Has the game become too ''routine''?

Posted on June 6, 2004 at 08:34:01 AM by Tiger

You know, you come in and take your seat, watch the Game 1 warmups, and then the "routine" begins. It might as well be pre-recorded.

The announcers always say the same thing, There's no rising crescendo of excitement as the game approaches. A disorganized bunch of players wanders out (same music every time) for a sloppy and gratuitous salute, and yet another game tips off.

Day in, day out. Too many games. No off-season in which to reminisce and anticipate.

Where's the spark, the excitement? Where's the audience? Where's the money? Where's the noise. We've almost reached that 'studio' environment I've warned about.

Sorry,''Point to the 7'' doesn't quite do it for me.

We need some life in the players, and in the ANNOUNCERS!


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