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#4 - ... 2 Exactas, 1 Quiniela: Any difference?

Posted on September 8, 2003 at 00:07:38 AM by Tiger

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The follow-up thread, with tabular analysis and discussion, is complete.

How 'bout them exactas? Let's say you like #2 and #3, but don't want to bet 2 exactas, so you bet one Quiniela instead. Is it really the same?

Most frequent combo
             #times  Avg pay   Per $
Quiniela 2-3   205    27.44      .90
Exacta   2-3    79    91.89      .78
Exacta   3-2   126    78.00     1.05
Both Exactas   205    83.35      .92

Least frequent combo
             #times  Avg pay   Per $
Quiniela 7-8    31   105.21      .52
Exacta   7-8     7   294.94      .22
Exacta   8-7    24   323.98      .83
Both Exactas    35   317.42      .53

Imagine, the 8-7 Exacta actually paid more (on average) than the 7-8

CAUTION: These results are for one season only.

Anyway, for these two (atypical?) combos, it looks like 1 Quiniela vs, 2 Exactas is a wash - no apparent difference in the overall total payout.

But, look at those exactas again! For each pair of numbers, there's a good one and a bad one. Maybe,.....we should just bet the good ones.

What do YOU do?

I'll publish all the combos after you guys have had a chance to chime in


#4 - Quiniela vs. Exacta boxing. The results are in.

Posted on September 12, 2003 at 12:35:52 AM by Tiger

Well, the opinions are in, so here's the entire table (link below).

Note there do seem to be some differences, both plus and minus, but remember, it's only for one season and the numbers are small.

Of greater interest, I think, are some of the wide discrepancies for the exacta pairs.

Quiniela vs. Exacta boxing


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