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#512 - Let's design a fronton website

Posted on December 16, 2013 at 08:50:39 AM by Tiger

Here's your chance to tell us everything that should be on a fronton's website. And, yes, please let's assume it will be maintained.

Try to keep the following in mind:

You may wish to concentrate on a specific area, e.g., stats, news or webcast, but try to be as specific as possible in your recommendations. If, for example you want more stats, then which stats would those be?

Should we train the newbies, dazzle with enhanced webcast and video features, integrate handicapping aids? The choices are endless. But, you probably will only get to do it once, so it better be right. There would undoubtedly be budget decisions, but YOU don't have to make them.

So, go for it, Mr. Web Designer. Give us your best.


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