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#457 - Remember Dania's BIG $CORE?

Posted on October 13, 2012 at 05:02:53 PM by Tiger

It's enshrined in the Hall of Shame, right there next to the ReBet, in fact. But, hey, they were trying (unlike their neighbor to the south)

Refresher: To win, you had to pick the post-winning sequence for the final result. Dania pre-loaded the jackpot - I'm not sure of the amount. For example, a 4-1-3 runout sequence would be:

Sounds pretty good for starters. I guess no one actually figured the odds, however, 'cause a runout leads to a pretty short sequence and quick winner(s).

In an early game the first day, 1 and 3 each took a point, #4 ran out, leaving a 1-3 playoff for trifecta. The server (Scotty) then goes back to the cage, returns to throw an illegal carom serve and loses the point, and the BIG $SCORE was not hit.

Was anyone there? Comments?


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