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#449 - Does Joe Sixpack have a 'system'?

Posted on July 23, 2012 at 08:56:09 AM by Tiger

We have our stats, our models, simulators, what have you. We know who's hot, and who's not. We even keep track of combos that are 'due'.

But, what about the average Joe (maybe he's one of those yelling up front)? How does he pick his bets?

Is he like some of those racing patrons who pick a horse 'cause they think the jockey's silks are pretty?

Just go with the big names?

Pick numbers that come out a lot (do they check)?

None of the above?

Do they have any thought process at all? Seriously, if they just go to swear and yell at the players ("Come on, 4"), how do they bet?


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