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#444 - (redux) The dreaded NOTIX - do you notice?

Posted on June 14, 2012 at 09:37:04 AM by Tiger

(one of our earliest questions - 2003)

In the Show pool, no less! Game 9 last Wednesday night at Dania even had an entire Show pool REFUND (all, what, $25 of it?).

Here's what goes through my mind:

Of the two, the first issue is most ominous. As these things occur more frequently in the results, it reinforces that sinking feeling of dropping attendance. I remember watching it get worse and worse at Milford, which I followed very closely. Quite a few last time at Ft Pierce, and the last 'real' season at Ocala was ridiculous.

You might get clues from the published attendance and handle (if available), but that's getting harder to figure as the percentage of off-fronton wagering increases. I doubt that the off-fronton bettors get into the Place and Show pools much.

Do you notice NOTIX in the results, and how does it grab you?


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