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#430 - Why do some team pairings never seem to click?

Posted on March 2, 2012 at 10:07:30 AM by Gabe

Why do some pairings of teams never seem to click? It is opposite styles? Is it maybe personal, just some guys don't like each other? Even if so, any personal issues should be left off the court. Is it this something that is mental in ones head when when they see their partner before then even get on the court they like think we are not going to win this game??

Some Examples
Erik/Oyarbide 1 win out of 21
Laurent/Minte 2 wins out of 44
Aizarna/Chauderon 1 win out of 19
Aritz/Cisneros 1 win out of 25
Jabi/Ladutxe 2 wins out of 26
Aitzol/Arriza 1 win out of 22
Aitzol/Aizpitarte 0 wins out of 24


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