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Re(1): #417 - Tracking this better

Posted on October 19, 2011 at 06:42:11 PM by orlando Jai Alai

The statistic that you speak of is one that would be very interesting. It could be called a 'Money or Pressure Point' This is the type of terminology and information that must be kept to move the Sport to the next level. Other statistics that might be kept are would beats someone at game point to keep the game going. All this information could be kept from both the receiver and server vantage. The statistics that are being kept now do not do the sport justice anymore. It gets back to moving the sport forward and changing some things with the times. How about head to head stats in singles and doubles, again as receiver and server. Another interesting Statistic could be percentage of points won both double points and single points. It could be like baseball where they know a guy's average at every pitch count; with runners on base, in the day time, on turf on grass....it's endless. Let's get an idea of what might be the most important stats to keep.
With computers these days, can it be done? As we grow the sport again these ideas need to be investigated.
It is our hope that in the future we can start to think this way and keep this type of information.


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