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Re(2): #417 - Tracking this better

Posted on October 23, 2011 at 00:19:49 AM by kullster

A few other stats that could be relevant are combined over/under serve %, player win/ITM % in each post position, and most importantly for all of us trifecta bettors - perfect games by player/team. I would think that someone could sinc the scoreboard operation button to a program so that as each point is awarded it is automatically recorded on a database. The players and post positions for that game would already be loaded so every single piece of head to head, game points won/denied could be accessed. If it couldn't be automated, it would make sense for the scoreboard operator/announcer to be responsible for this task real time. Love the forward thinking as everyone wants information at their fingertips. It is the world we live in now.


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