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#231 - As a bettor, do you ever get REALLY hot?

Posted on January 16, 2008 at 09:29:02 AM by Tiger

Or cold?

Players have hot/cold streaks, but there may be significant mental/physical issues involved, as well as luck. But, how about you as a handicapper/bettor - does it happen to you?

Think carefully before you answer - there could easily be spells where a lot of luck has been involved. There are also chance hot/dry spells, which are supported by statistical theory. I'm not talking about any of these.

I'm talking about streaks where your 'personal picker' is just hot as a pistol, or cold, for that matter. You can do no wrong. Everything falls as it should, beyond the limits of luck or random variation.

And, if so, do you have an explanation?

(and, can you sell me some?)


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