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#100 - Should IJAPA be more visible?

Posted on July 11, 2005 at 02:54:00 PM by Tiger

The International Association of Jai-Alai Professionals (IJAPA) was formed in 1986 to unify players against supposed management abuses. It was the precursor and the instigator of the 1988 strike that aggrieved jai-alai for three years. Not all players were/are members, however.

IJAPA once had a public website with bulletin boards, statistics and a lot of other fan-friendly stuff. Then, they went underground, the URL link being replaced by a very unfriendly porn site.

Since IJAPA was formed, attendance has continued to decline, frontons have closed and player compensation decreased. One may wonder if things would have been different without IJAPA, but that's NOT THE SUBJECT OF THIS QUESTION.

Yet, they're still there, behind the scenes.

Tiger note ... I ask everyone to keep his cool on this potentially contentious topic. Please stick to the question that's posed (IJAPA VISIBILITY), rather than revisiting past grievances. Regardless the strength of your beliefs, IJAPA spews are not welcome in this thread.


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