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#46 - Are points WON at Miami, but LOST at Dania?

Posted on June 28, 2004 at 05:25:51 AM by Tiger

Interesting idea, brought up by Garrito a few weeks back. Also fits in with an earlier Q.O.W. about cancha and equipment variations. Here's what he said:

I've seen a lot of posts about the game at Dania. It's completely different than what you will see live at Miami. The low overhead and super fast balls at Miami make for a much more exciting game and present the opportunity for more spectacular plays. There are fewer exchanges at Miami, but they seem much more exciting than the frequent games of catch at Dania. It's almost like points are more frequently won at Miami, while they are lost at Dania by the dropped shot or bad throw that will inevitably happen in a long exchange.

What do YOU think?

Reference read: Q.O.W. #37


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