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Question of the Week #2 - How dead are the dead frontons?

(The responses to this question were lost when the Boards2Go server crashed, just as Chalk Talk made its debut.
It was reissued 18 months later as Question #80)

Hey, Tiger, take me to Question #80, please

We know that Tampa Jai-Alai was razed for a Home Depot (though Florida Gaming still owns the Hillsborough County permit). This makes me wonder about other now-defunct facilities that might be "rescued" in the event of an interest surge, Cachin winning the lottery, or VLT approval. A lot of folks seem to think we can just get some new pelotas, kill the weeds in the parking lot, and we're back in business. In fact, there would be much more involved, e.g., would the old buildings be "out of code", etc.? So, then.......

I want to hear from folks who know the FACTS.
Permit status, physical plant condition - the works! No guessing, please.
Please try to put your response(s) in the proper answer thread(s).

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