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Ed Mackie

Posted on July 11, 2011 at 01:10:00 PM by Bennett

Hey TR, I did not know Ed Mackie personally but as soon as I read your post that name rang a bell. I know I've heard about him before, probably from someone at North Miami amateur or maybe Ed's name was even on one of the trophies that they had on display there. Why did Ed never sign a contract? Sounds like it was his choice. Interesting that he ended up working in the parimutuel industry.

Couple other questions you might know: who was the backcourt partner for Mike Tuttle when they won that Palm Beach tournament that you and I played in.....you were partnered with Jesus and this was when Tuttle got signed. His partner seemed pretty good and was an employee at Dania I think......something like Dave Litvin? Did he ever go pro?

Also, were there any players from the North Miami school that got to be good enough to go pro but never did for whatever reason?


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