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the "big guy" Mark

Posted on July 11, 2011 at 05:17:55 PM by Bennett

Jesus that big guy Mark from the Palm Beach tournament was Mark Thornton who a few people have mentioned here as one of the best amateurs. He was the backcourter for Orlando in that one, but I don't think him and his partner Mike got second in that one. They did win another one in Ft. Pierce. To my knowledge Mark was not a ballboy at Orlando or anywhere else, unless it was before I knew him. He wasn't a ballboy during the time I was a ballboy there...though there was a second ballboy named Mark there but that was a smaller guy. Mark Thornton was a regular at the Orlando amateur groups and played in the AA session and also with a group of ex-pros. He was powerful and I think he may have been one of the guys who "qualified" for the 1992 Olympics only to later learn that the qualifying was not official and so the US couldn't send a team at all....

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