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Re(2): CT's Premiere Amateur Fronton

Posted on January 7, 2014 at 05:46:29 PM by Matt16

Tiger, I wasn't going to say a word and unfortunately I didn't get to read what went on today. But now I feel obligated. Believe me, I am not worried in the least about people playing at that other place. In fact, I ENCOURAGE anyone at my place and anyone else who is looking to play jai alai to go ahead and give it a try. Because after they went there they would appreciate my place MUCH MUCH more. I am sick of defending and comparing my court to any court, whether it be pelota or a rubber ball court. It is what it is and that's it. The guys who play here know what we are about and I am very proud of that and them as I am of everything we have done and accomplished. But YOU were the one who posted that garbage on your site. Did you not look at that website? Did you not think anyone would come into this conversation with anything else but animosity towards what they were hearing and seeing on it? This turned out great for me, because they exposed themselves for exactly what they are - frauds - and that website is all the evidence that is necessary to see that. Don't worry, this will not be a "pissing contest" because I won't be posting anymore about this. But you should be careful who you are backing on your own site. You can very well damage your own credibility. P.S. Thank you, Steve, you are always a class act and quite the gentleman. Matt


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