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Posted on January 8, 2014 at 12:38:52 PM by Perry

I know you said you wouldn't be reading any more posts in this thread, but I feel I must reply to what you wrote. As I have posted earlier, I took issue with some of what had been published on Jai-Alai Heaven's site in comparing various aspects of JAH and CAJA, but just as I feel the desire to support you for everything you have done for jai-alai in the northeast, and stand by you when I feel you are being treated unfairly, I also feel the desire to stand up for Tiger when I feel he is being treated unfairly.

In creating this forum, Tiger has given the jai-alai community a place to discuss our sport and make new acquaintances. I think it's fair to say that a good number of people found out about CAJA through this message board. Tiger's efforts in creating and maintaining this site are important to a lot of us, just as your efforts with CAJA are important to us.

I don't think it's accurate to say that Tiger is "backing" JAH. He simply posted the news that JAH had a revamped site. Spreading jai-alai news is one of the main functions of this site. He did not editorialize, and he did not express any preference for JAH over CAJA.

Maybe Tiger did read the JAH site before he posted the news about it. Maybe he didn't. Either way, it made sense for him to put the news out, and let each reader form his or her own opinion.

Matt, you know how much I respect you, and how appreciative I am of what you have done. I think, though, you may have overreacted a bit toward Tiger on this issue.


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