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Re(3): CT's Premiere Amateur Fronton

Posted on January 7, 2014 at 06:49:26 PM by ChixChax

Well i see the useless comparing of jai alai conchas continues for no reason. I hate to see Mr Matt16 stoop to all time lows in his actions and words. To call JAH frauds and garbage just goes to show you how much of a uneducated person he truly is.Talk about exposing themselves, Mr Matt16 you surely take the prize.You need to check yourself with your words. Even going as far as threatening Mr Tiger himself. WOW. who made you God Mr Matt16? I think JAH had no disrespect for CAJA and in no way do they want or could they get anyone to play in a smaller court.I think their intentions were to get players who maybe could not cut the action and speed of CAJA, and maybe JAH wanted to show that there is an alternative playing concha.To even think that JAH was purposely trying to get members from CAJA is incomprehensible! Mr Matt16 you have done a disservice to your own enterprise by showing your true colors! It would have been better to just stayed silent, but it is you that should be more careful, as you may damage your own credibility.


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