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on this day...my jai alai story..(true)

Posted on March 8, 2013 at 08:12:00 AM by pelotapete

today is my 65th birthday..i am not looking for a bunch of happy birthdays...i want to tell you all my jai alai story of life and miracles...

my mom years and years ago before she passed away and went to heaven.knew how much i loved jai alai...so like any loving mother used to make sure she gave me money and sent me to the frontons to bet her birth date in all the games on my birthday. a few times her number use to come in..and when i brought home her winnings...she smiled lovingly, and looked into my eyes, and said..you keep it boy..i love you..happy birthday..oooh there can not be a stronger love in the entire world than a mothers love for her child....now what i call the miracle part...i swear on my heart and soul this is 100% true...my mother and father poassed away the same year..dad 6 months ahead of my mom...the year my dad died..before he died he told me what horse would win the belmot stakes...because he and i used to bet all the triple crown races together....but he died from his 2nd heart attack weeks before the race...i felt i had to go bet his choice...and i won...the horse paid 28.80 to win....when my mom passed..it was devastating to me....but when my birthday came around...i just had to go to bet jai alai...i felt a pulling feeling in my heart and soul...i had to go....well of coarse i had to bet mommys birth date...in the very first game on my birthday it came in...and in the middle of the fronton i droped to my knees and cried...now one can say that is just luck...but here is the clincher...for the next 3 birthdays of mine...it did the very same thing !!! and i was there !!! it was like my mommy was sending her boy birthday money..and even though her number doesn't come in on my birthday much anymore...i have never since her passing lost a dime on my birthday betting jai alai..i always win..not alot sometimes ..but i don't lose...now you can say what you want..but i think GOD allows my mommy to use jai alai to send her boy a little something...so i know i said i would not bet jai alai...but there are much more stronger feelings here than my stubroness...i will go bet mommys birth date today...i simply must....and now thru the years i have been very lucky picking winners at jai alai...maybe...just maybe there is something much stronger to this than i can even understand, well thats my life and jai alai...i not only love the game its self...but i still feel the love of my mother through the years in jai alai...i will never turn my back to the game..not ever, till the day i die...and i have instructed my children , after i am gone from this life..on my birthday to bet my moms birth date on my birthday, and they have given me thier promise to do so....so i love jai alai in so very many ways...and maybe that is why i am lucky betting jai alai...who knows ???? pelotapete..just my mothers son....and proud of it !!!


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