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players thru the years...and today...

Posted on March 13, 2013 at 10:08:07 AM by pelotapete

i have read all the posts here on the best players of all time in jai alai.
my viewpoint is only based on what i have seen thru all the years i have been watching and attending jai alai

i have been a fan, bettor, attendee, yes even played since the early 60's.
now i am one of the people who thinks joey was the best overall player i have ever seen. but i think that way because joey always wanted to play and confront the very best players all the time. not so with bolivar. i feel bolivar did not feel the same way. he refused many chances to prove that he was the best of the best.

in my lifetime, there have been only 2 players that showed me a talent none of the others have displayed, even the great joey, and no players since have shown this talent. not even the great goiko. and lopez today.

the 2 players were bolivar, and the chief..churruca. (not sure on the spelling)
these 2 players, i witnessed the ability to see them watch thier opponate throw a shot, and as soon as as the pelota left the tip of of thier opponates cesta. they could turn thier backs and take off right to the spot that the pelota comes down.
and they were there to catch it and return it. most of the time for a winner.

joey, goiko. and lopez, and all the rest, are great players no doubt. but they are often running around the concha, and alot of times not where they should be.
that to me is the big differences betweem the super stars of yesterday, and now.

this just my humble opinion, pelotapete


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