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Danny Retiring

Posted on August 30, 2007 at 05:34:46 PM by Danny #23

HI. I just want to let everybody know that i'm retiring from Miami Jai-Alai. Tomorrow friday night will be my last performance as a Jai-Alai player.
I think is time for me to go .I've been playing for over 31 years.
Twenty years at Hartford with great memories and 10 years here at Miami Jai-alai. I've been playing with the best of the sport from the 70 80 90 and 2000.
There are some good young players today at Miami. I just hope Jai-Alai will continue to provide some good talent.
We do have a school of Jai-Alai in my home town of France St-Jean-de-Luz with a lot of young kids.
I hope one day will do the same here in Florida at Ft-pierce at will be glade and happy to give my time for teaching Jai-Alai to American kids.
I want to thank the people who loves Jai-Alai and have supported us through good times and bad times.
I will miss Jai-Alai
#23 DANNY.


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