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#498 - Viewing Chalk Talk with different browsers: Part 1 of 2

Posted on September 3, 2013 at 08:31:05 AM by Tiger

NOTE: This thread is for desktop and laptop users only.
Mobile users (smartphones, IPods, tablets, etc.) will be covered next week in a follow-up question - please don't put those comments here.

We've had some computer issues lately, and had to switch back & forth between different browsers for debugging purposes. Our site is undergoing maintenance to update/standardize HTML use, but it's still amazing how different things can look when you switch. Different browsers interpret HTML differently. There are also a host of options on your end - browser choice, screen size/density, window size, font size/color, zoom factor - we could go on.

So, what are your issues with the look and feel of Chalk Talk and Jai-Alai Heaven? Too small, too big, too cramped, too much white space? Line breaks/separators OK? Images resolving correctly? Backgrounds non-infringing? Links working? What else? It will certainly vary by page and feature.

Give us your comments - be sure to identify specific pages and the browser you're using, plus any other specs that might be relevant. Ideally, put the nature of your issue in the Subject line of your post, so it will stand out in the permanent archive. Please start each issue as a new reply to the main thread - don't change subjects by tacking on to the end of someone else's issue.

We'll attempt to resolve issues on the fly and post replies in this thread, but all the comments will wind up in the archives.


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