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#486 - What really happened to ... Elizegi?

Posted on June 18, 2013 at 10:11:36 AM by Tiger

Another good one who left us prematurely.

Power, speed, flash and ... attitude

Like Wayne, he's still in the roster photo on the Miami website ... lol

So, where is he now?

A couple of Elizegi comments got into the Wayne thread. They're included here.

Posted on June 12, 2013 at 11:18:48 PM by Jim
I have some information on Elicegui at Miami. When he left Orlando to go to Miami, evidently, even though he played pretty good in the lates, he was getting heckled severely by the fans at Miami. If you've been there, it's mostly the Spanish/Puerto Rican contigent who are pretty vocal and pretty bad in the comments there, though of course, it's not just them. Anyway, after dealing with it for some time, he was getting some threats and from what I heard, picked a fight in the parking lot, that was pretty intense. He was immediately "traded" back to Orlando, and Miami got Ricky who left Orlando less than 2 weeks after the season started, if I recall correctly. Elicequi then came back to Orlando from then on. When he left Orlando, we never saw him again in the states. So sad...he was one of the quickest and most intense on the court I have ever seen, period!

Posted on June 13, 2013 at 12:08:33 PM by Emphyrio
Yup. That'd be me.
I thought this thread was about Wayne. How did we get de-railed onto Elizegi?
No matter.
Since my pseudonym was tossed onto the cancha, I just can't resist a reply.
Elizegi was far and above, my favorite. I guess that's sorta obvious. His main strength (and I DEW mean strength) was in his arm. He could throw like nobody I've seen....now, granted, my experience with this game and knowing of people who could really fling the pelota, is miserably limited compared to the experiences of many of the people who throng to this board....and when his arm started going (if I remember correctly, he was just a somewhat above average catcher and many were the facepalms I did while watching him blow an easy catch), he took it badly and it started reflecting itself in his behavior. There's nothing like knowing you're not who you were and being reminded of it constantly by people who couldn't come close to your ability on their very effing best day.
That's it. End of comments on Elizegi.
I go back to playing WoW now.....my main character in that game? Why, of course, Elizegi!


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