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#422 - How will seasonality affect handle?

Posted on December 1, 2011 at 11:48:03 AM by Tiger

Looking back a couple of months (Dania closed in August, Miami in September), it's clear that the handle from the closed fronton didn't just jump over to the open one. In fact, you could argue that the closed fronton's monthly handle was totally LOST.

This graph shows monthly handles going back to 2005. You can clearly see the steep decline, as well as the repeating seasonal pattern. The last year of data suggests to me that Dania's curve is forming a firm bottom, while Miami's continues to slide. This would bode well for Dania in the future.

But, going back to the question - if, for example, Miami and Dania were to alternate 6-month seasons, would the total handle wind up to be one-half of current, or would a number of patrons switch over?

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