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#391 - Which 'grand old man' should consider retirement?

Posted on March 31, 2011 at 08:41:19 AM by Tiger

Before you take the wrong tack, this is a POSITIVE question. There is absolutely no intent to criticize anyone whose game may not be what it once was.

Jai-alai players (the good ones, anyway) seem to be able to hang on longer than those in other sports. Though usually with somewhat diminished capabilities, some seem to retain their edge right to the end. Others hang on a little bit too long and blemish otherwise memorable careers.

Of today's players, who best exemplifies having shined in the sport over many years but should now consider retiring 'undefeated' (like Rocky Marciano), even though he still has game?

Said another way, who would you really hate to see have a year or two of mediocrity at the end of his career?


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