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#378 - Simulators R Us?

Posted on December 21, 2010 at 11:06:41 AM by Tiger

Here's a question for you simulator buffs.

Suppose you've set up your player/team ratings, and you're now going to play the game, point by point, a zillion times. You'll generate a random number, determine the point winner, and move on.

The question is: Are your ratings 'game' ratings or 'point' ratings? If one team is a 60 and the other is 45 (where the overall fronton average is 50), is that presumed to be the rating for one POINT or one GAME?

If it's a GAME rating, do you adjust the rates for each point's toss-up, to account for the fact that there will be multiple toss-ups in the game?

If the GAME rating is 60, should the POINT rating be different?

Food for thought.


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