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#274 - What are your fix-up cost estimates?

Posted on November 20, 2008 at 11:08:39 AM by Tiger

OK, engineers and contractors, sharpen your pencils. Here's your chance to spiff up Miami or Dania. I don't mean Taj Mahal stuff, just a facelift.

Let's do enough to make 'em sparkle, but they don't have to become jewels. Presumably, this would include sanitation, seating, lighting, restaurant service, parking. A new roof, maybe? Computer systems (website)? Whatever else you think should be there.

Put in some slots if you like, but don't worry about building a casino complex.

Be sure to give cost estimates, itemized if possible. And, after you've given us your estimates, tell us where the money might come from.

Best (most realistic) response wins a brushed steel Miami Jai-Alai travel mug.


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