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#111 - Play the Twin-Tri at Hamilton?

Posted on September 26, 2005 at 10:30:13 AM by Tiger

(suggested by Jody C)

Since Hamilton is offering $10,000 for a twin tri winner, how should you play it?

Despite the pitiful pools, the $10K is guaranteed, so it looks like there should be a good opportunity here. In fact, the pitiful pools actually enhance your opportunity (less competition).

The key is how many first-half bets (probably all $1) to make - $27 would cover 20% of the top trifectas (unweighted by player rating). That means 1 chance in 5 of getting an exchange ticket, after which a 1-4-2 or 2-4-1 is almost a 1 percent probability.

$82 covers 50% of the most likely first half outcomes.

The math looks pretty good to me.

This will be a 1-time shot, however. Once the $10K goes, I doubt it will be refreshed, and the twin-tri bet (and pools) will be toast.


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