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#92 - With fewer games, would people bet less?

Posted on May 16, 2005 at 11:37:49 AM by Tiger

I realize we need handle to keep the lights on, but I'm concerned that there's so much jai-alai (obviously, I'm talking Miami and Dania) that it's lost its 'special' or 'merry festival' feel. Not to mention grinding the players down physically and maybe causing them to lose whatever fervor remains.

How much would the handle decrease if one game were dropped from the program, or one program dropped from the week, or 1-2 months dropped from the season? Do you think there's a fixed amount bet per game, or a fixed amount per program?

Considering some extremes might make the analysis easier. What if there was ONE game per night, or 25? What would happen to attendance and handle.

Or, are we currently at the 'sweet spot'?


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