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#58 - Could we bet partidos in real time, i.e., during the game?

Posted on September 20, 2004 at 11:51:30 AM by Tiger

And, how to adapt it to interactive TV?

Some talk of partidos lately, and how the gamblers (and, therefore, the frontons) might not like it because of the lack of exotic bets, small pools, etc.

But, what if we could bet continuously during a 30-point partido? Your odds calculated at the instant you bet, not changing thereafter. More betting on both sides as the point totals change - that's how they do it in Spain. A 'continuous re-bet', if you will.

The 'book' would love it. It would be just like moving the NFL point spread during the week, except it would be happening in real time. You might wind up betting both sides (multiple times) during the match.

Could you do it in a 90-minute show? I don't think so - not enough time to rest or have commercials. But it might work if we cut back to, say, 21 points. Of course, if it was internet-only, it wouldn't matter as much.

The online betting sites would have to coordinate this somehow. I don't see how it could work through the standard simulcast/co-mingled pools route.


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